One of the most common injuries is getting a burn. It is often a result of carelessness or lack of knowledge in handling objects or appliances that is hot or flammable. People who experience burns generally feel mild to extreme pain depending on the severity of the wound. This is because burns occur in the skin that contains lots of nerve endings. Whatever the cause, burns require immediate treatment. Thus, it is a must to learn the basics of handling burns.

If you only have liquid fabric softener, try out this solution: 1 part fabric softener and 4 parts water. Wet a clean cloth with this mixture, wring it so it doesn't drip, and use this cloth to wipe down surfaces like tabletops and kitchen counters. If you are using this technique on appliances and electronics, be very careful to avoid water dripping into the electrical wirings. Also remember to wipe the surface dry with another piece of clean, dry cloth.

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Appliances - Most dorm rooms aren't complete without a refrigerator or microwave for late-night snacks and days when the cafeteria just isn't cutting it. When shopping for appliances, keep in mind that regulations may allow microwaves but typically prohibit any other type of cooking appliances like toasters.

Pat with cotton balls. Gather clean cotton balls and place in a clean container. Pour white vinegar over them until they are soaked. Then, pat the affected area with the vinegar-soaked cotton balls. Dispose of the cotton balls properly to avoid spreading the yeast.

This subject seems to come up quite a bit since Eisai USA launched the MyHealthy website on April 29th. So far, the site has been online for about a week and about 400 people have made the "MyHealthy Promise". The site received immediate exposure on Twitter from Ruben Studdard of American Idol fame and was also featured on the popular Wendy Williams show.


Cold compress. Get a clean washcloth and submerge it in cold water. You will also need an icepack. Wrap the washcloth around the icepack and put the cold compress at the back of your neck, on your Golden Goose Super Star Sneakers forehead, at the back of your knees and your stomach. This will help your fever go down a few degrees. Keep doing this until your fever goes down or until you feel a bit better.